Mindfulness: Benefits and differences with yoga

He mindfulness (Its literal translation is mindfulness) is a oriental art, inspired by the Buddhist tradition, which reports interesting Benefits for the physical and emotional health. Effective therapy to stand up to stress and learn to relax to reduce cortisol levels.

Mindfulness improvement through meditation wellbeing, concentration and attention to what is happening in the present moment. In addition to ward off tensions, reduce anxiety, combat mood swings or physical fatigue, this technique helps to relieve discomfort as pain, insomnia, digestive problems and emotional disorders such as depression. Let's look more closely, as the practice of mindfunlnes helps us improve the general welfare.

Does not end here the list of benefits of this discipline, as well reduce irritability and mood swings. In fact, it is often used as a complementary therapy to treat certain emotional disorders such as depression, anxiety. Scientific studies have indicated that it is effective in treating, for example, of certain addictions.

The benefits of meditation, incidentally, also noticeable outside, because they help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and slow aging.

practicing mindfulness

It is a technique that You can learn anyone and whose practice only requires willingness to release stress, open your mind and think of nothing but the present moment. We can implement any space, both indoors and outdoors. We seek a comfortable position with his back straight, and focus on breathing. When a thought appears, simply let it pass and turn to concentrate on our breath, because what it is is that nothing interferes with this moment of calm. By relaxing the mind we reduce the levels of stress and anxiety, which leads us to be able to better manage uncertainty and the situation in perspective.

Mindfulness and Yoga differences

Can be said that yoga uses mindfulness philosophy to strengthen the balance between mind and body. Yoga also focuses on work flexibility and muscular endurance, one of the best disciplines to reduce stress and anxiety.

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