We tell you all about Tomboy trend [PHOTOS]

We tell you all about Tomboy trend. One of the fashion trends for fall / winter 2016-2017 is the Tomboy style. But what is it? They are garments or looks with a strong masculine and androgynous style. Pants with tweezers, oversizes jacket, suspenders, men's shirts, tailored suits&# 8230; These are some of the most recognizable pieces of Tomboy style. Although this trend advocates masculine, not without a very chic feminine point. Discover with us all the secrets of the Tomboy trend.

Female male and mingle with astonishing ease For a long time. You just need to evoke Marlene Dietrich and his suit, Yves Saint Laurent and his tuxedo, the first women to wear trousers&# 8230; Fashion brands have also felt a crush on this trend. There are companies like Wildfang offering in your online store only male-inspired clothing. Other firms that have added Tomboy garments in their collections are Phillip Lim, Stella McCartney, Dries Van Noten, Nº21&# 8230; Yes, but the clothes are masculine style has the final total look feminine airs, preppy and minimalist touches.

If you want an outfit 100% male bet for a total masculine look. For example, a pinstripe suits, white shirt, suspenders and oxfords suit. But if you prefer to wear a feminine styling, but with a masculine touch, add a piece or two of Tomboy style to your look. For example, a boyfriend jeans with an off-shoulder top and sneakers. The possibilities are many, you just keep an open mind and play around with clothes and accessories.

The firm offers several low cost Zara Tomboy looks very interesting. For example, a pinstripe pants wool turtleneck and oversize blazer pin. Another option is a gray tailored suit + basic gray T-shirt and coat male style in beige color. Massimo Dutti brand also has suits and garments very cool and masculine style can be perfectly adapted to any occasion. Asos there are plenty of garments or Tomboy Boyfriend style that will serve to create many different looks. Supplements are essential for these looks: commitment moccasins, shoes Oxford style, Bluchers, suspenders, shoes, a backpack&# 8230; Check out our photo gallery to view the best designs.

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