Snail cream: Do They Really Work?

Since its onset, snail cream It has been sold as a tremendously effective remedy for wrinkles and facial imperfections thanks to its great regenerative power. But,really it works this product to rejuvenate our skin? We tell you everything you need to know.

snail slime

The snail is one of the most sought after in some beauty treatments in recent years components. It starts from the idea that these mollusks are able to rebuild its shell after being attacked or suffer an accident, so that it is as if nothing had happened. That is why this baba is extracted without harming the animal and used to create cosmetics heal and regenerate all kinds of skin imperfections, such as wrinkles, spots Y Burns. It also contains a number of antioxidants that help us keep our skin young and rich in collagen and elastin, which favors a smooth effect on the skin.

It is effective?

Quite Contrary to popular belief, the snail is not the same as we see when moving, but it is a rich substance allantoin the animal generates when you feel unprotected in any danger. Nevertheless, the extraction process is very rigorous, since it must be suctioned very carefully to avoid altering its composition. But not only that, but not any snail serves segregating this coveted baba, making it difficult to acquire more power.

This is an aspect that not everyone is aware, and is why many brands use it as a purely commercial attribute, without really considering how must be achieved the coveted component. This is especially true in cosmetics more economic, which they never get to fulfill what they promise.

In short, the properties of the snail are indisputable, always within reason, but we must be careful What are we selling and not get carried away by the mere fact that carry incorporated the substance. Make sure before use!

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