Cakes for wedding anniversary: ​​The most romantic [PHOTOS]

Making cakes wedding anniversary. Do you want to celebrate in style your anniversary? What better to celebrate the sweetest way? Here are delicious wedding cakes recipes to surprise your partner.

If the day of your wedding anniversary is next you will, surely, immersed in organizing a special day for you. We help you with all the preparations showing you some ideas for dessert. If you want to find inspiration among the trends for 2013 wedding cakes here and find, however, want to be yourself who develop the Wedding cake for your birthday Do not miss the next recipe.

To prepare the cake, melted chocolate and let cool. Casca separating eggs yolks and whites and set aside. Monta whites until stiff and set aside too. Then mix in a bowl butter and sugar. When the mixture is sufficiently creamy white incorporates yolks, one by one, and the melted chocolate. Sieve the resulting dough with flour, starch, yeast and some salt and mix. Add and mix clear.

Then pour the mixture into a shaped mold buttered and sprinkled flour and enter in the oven at 180 for 45 minutes heart. When the cake is ready remove it from the oven, let cool for a few minutes, desmóldalo and place on a wire rack until completely cold. When it is, cut the top to let up.

It is time now to prepare the fondant. To do this, cut pieces of fondant into clouds and place them in a bowl. Slightly wet them and place them in the microwave to melt them. Very careful not to burn. Then place the sugar over the counter and when clouds are melted, place on top and mixtures well. Once you have a compact mass can engrasarte buttered hands to knead more easily.

After syrup made by dissolving sugar in boiling water. Paint the cake with the syrup and covered with fondant you have previously stretched with a roller until a large enough area to cover the entire cake. lightly pressing the surface and sides to adhere well. Cut the excess fondant and decorate your choice. To do this you can, for example, use a pencil strawberry gelatin.

Now that you know how to make wedding cakes, Do not miss the image gallery cakes wedding anniversary that we present below. What do you expect to prepare this romantic heart-shaped cake?

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