Creative recycling: separating screens for home

A little bit of creativity we can give definitive decorating our home touch and also find original solutions and practices. If you want divide any area of ​​the house, or spaces within a room, the best solution is the separators screens. It is the option to buy them directly, but also to create ourselves a unique and different screens. The solution lies in creative recycling, using materials they may still be useful. Are you curious to learn more about how to make separators screens from recycled materials? Here are some simple ideas to separate spaces or rooms.

Screens for home: wooden boxes, curtains and vinyl records

To create different spaces just need a little imagination and skill. East furnishing accessory It allows you to split large environments with a unique style, in order to obtain new usable space in a different way. We can, for example, split into two parts the hallway between rooms &# 8211; depending on the arrangement of these &# 8211; to have more privacy; or may be divided into two salon to get a space to devote to work, study or read. If we hand wooden boxes We can paint colors and place them on top of each other to the desired height.

Another alternative is to choose a curtain Fresh and colorful separator to use spaces. If you love music, you can make a fun screen separator with old CD or old vinyl records if you no longer use or hear.

Screens for home: planters, doors and shelves

With patience and creativity, you can create an original separator using pots to give touch of green to stay. Do not throw old doors, because by sanding and giving them a new color screens can make. Even with the help of hinges we can make a screen bellows to move wherever we want.

Who does not have at least one shelving at home? Even this object, much appreciated by lovers of reading, can be used as a room divider. Finally, do not forget to check out our photo gallery to discover other interesting ideas.

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