Oat bran Dukan Diet: When do I take it?

Dukan method: Oat bran. An essential nutrient during the four phases of the diet promoted by Dr. Pierre Dukan It is oat bran but what exactly are the properties product during regime? What Benefits brings to our organism? How does it help us slim down? Solve your doubts and find out why it is so important to get this food Lose Weight more efficiently and when and how it can be.

During all phases of the Dukan diet oat bran It is an essential food to achieve our goal and reach our ideal weight, In addition to following the recommendations of diet and exercise practice advised.

Oat bran cereal is obtained by refining the grain oats. A food that can be taken only with milk or both savory and sweet dishes and brings great benefits to our body during the diet.

  • Enables intestinal transit thanks to its high content fiber helping to remove some of the calories ingested.
  • To lose weight helps improve intestinal transit and absorb some of the fats.
  • reduces the appetite because it absorbs water and swells filling our stomach and giving us feeling full for longer.
  • It lowers cholesterol and prevents cardiovascular disease.
  • Acts against diabetes because it reduces the secretion of insulin.
  • Clean walls intestine, protecting against colon cancer because it operates as a kind of intestinal sponge.

To benefit from all its excellent properties it is advisable to take two tablespoons of oat bran a day, although at each stage of the Dukan diet will need to follow the directions given regarding oat bran: One tablespoon and a half during the first stage of attack, two tablespoons a day in the second cruise phase, two and a half tablespoons daily in the third phase of consolidation and three tablespoons in the last phase of stabilization.

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