Tips for organizing makeup like a professional

Gradually we accumulate so many cosmetic products that when we realize, the organization is a real mess. In fact, the most common situation is that both find that lip stick with your new dress or a specific shade. If you want to avoid them and feel like a real professional, Do not miss these makeup tips for organizing.

1. Specific products

As quickly and effectively to order your makeup professionally is to buy specific organizers. These are usually transparent plastic and bring gaps to introduce lipsticks, enamels, etc .; although, of course, it depends on the model. Obviously, this serves those who They do not have a very overwhelming amount of products.

2. Chests

If you have many cosmetic products, you can always resort to selling Ikea drawers. The idea is introduce each makeup organizers above, so that we can enter into a drawer every lip, in another enamels, in another the shadows ...

The cosmetics container usually has a very refined and aesthetic appearance, so you can use as decoration. Glazes are one of the most stable, so it will be ideal for your mission. You can sort them by shape, color or brand. You'll create a rainbow in minutes!

4. Professional Briefcases

In the market for professional makeup artists briefcases, in which they can enter all your products and take them where they need. If you do not have a huge amount of products, This solution can be perfect for you. And you can save anywhere, included on a shelf if you had to use several briefcases.

5. Packaging recycled

If you are one of those who think they do not need to spend much money to get a pretty effective organization, you're absolutely right. Transparent plastic trays, ashtrays, pens, boxes, wicker baskets, cups... everything can be a fantastic place to store our products. In addition, power customize it at will to match perfectly with the rest of the decor will be a delight. You'll love the result!

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