Red Lips: Who favors? [PHOTOS]

Tips to choose red lipstick. Red lips are trend year after year. But how to choose the right tone? Here we reveal some Tricks to know what those lip colors that best fit you are.

¿Red lips red lips no yes or? Among makeup trends season after season, usually it acquires special prominence red lips. But the same style of makeup gives the same results some women than others. It is therefore essential to know well the nature of our traits or, for example, our skin color and on this basis, therefore, apply the most appropriate tones.

Red is certainly one of the fetish colors many females, the color of passion, but we know who really favors because, just as it can beautify our look, can ruin if we do not apply it correctly. Precisely then we take care to teach you some beauty tips to find out what the makeup that best fits each type of lip and above all, know how to look a perfect red lips.

How to choose lipstick?

The possibilities offered by the lipstick is huge. You can not only help you enhance your eyes but also can correct the defects of your lips and an enhancer is also your mood. But the key lies in knowing how to choose the lipstick correctly.

The first trick is related to the different shades of red from which you can choose. If your lips are characterized by having a natural color, we suggest close to decant a violet hue. For those others that you have a coral tone, you can opt in that case, bright red.

Another secret to keep in mind is the contrast between the lipstick and the color of your skin, eyes and the color of your hair. For women with pale skin, carmine or burgundy color are perfect, but I advise against choosing those other warm tones. If, however, you're brunette with blue eyes, red, cherry, raspberry or pink pencil are ideal for showing off an outstanding look.

Chestnuts and blond women, what is the right lipstick?

Are you brown? Want to brag lips? In that case, you must move the palette next to orange and coral. However, we do not recommend you paint your lips with a dark red lapstick since it would not get transmit the force you want. If you also have green, honey or green eyes, you can decantarte likewise by vermilion lipstick color.

But, What about blond women? With this key amber hair and your skin, a lipstick red orange can be really effective. In this case, the colors apricot, peach and papaya can not miss from your makeup kit.

If you want also to know other tricks to highlight your lips do not miss the following recommendations.

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