Sandra Bullock and best beauty looks [PHOTOS]

Sandra Bullock and best beauty looks. Does being perfect at age 50? Mission Impossible? Lie! Just see how spectacular is the actress Sandra Bullock, who is at the top of his career, more beautiful than never.

The actress rose to fame in the 90's thanks to films like 'Speed', but it has been in recent years when his career has settled, achieving a Oscar for the movie 'The Blind Side' It is nominated in 2010 and again last year 'Gravity', Sandra Bullock and is also the highest paid actress in Hollywood, all with 50 and breathtakingly beautiful, you want to know how?

On Red carpet, Always choose clean dresses often combined with hairstyles that make it look even younger, though in many films, his best-known look, is with the smooth hair parted in the middle. Although it has lately drawn attention its commitment to slightly shorter manes and coiffed with light waves which give more volume to your hair.

To give more brightness to your hair, It has pointed to the balayage technique, with which it has lowered a tone natural hair color. Yes, on occasion more glamor, it is not uncommon to see her with her hair pulled and sometimes brushed aside.

Sandra Bullock makeup

According to some sources, the actress used to face the "Preparation H", a cream that is very effective contras fighting wrinkles, it seems to work perfectly. In addition, one of his secrets of makeup is to bet for giving light to the face.

For the eye shadows, usually choose shades ranging from pearl gray bronze, giving more intensity to the eye, the eye area defining a thin line dark eyeliner, together with mascara which makes the look more open.

You can not miss lipstick, choosing among the various shades from more passionate red, through the light pink or even nude.

50 years does not appear, because Sandra Bullock radiates happiness and youth in each of his appearances, and if you do not believe, you just have to take a look at the photo gallery that you bring.

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