Giant flower and bridal bouquet: Trends 2017 [PHOTOS]

Flowers are one of the details whose presence is undeniable at weddings, flowers which they are present in the decoration and especially in the bridal bouquet. And this is where comes hard on the new trend in branches that give center stage to a giant flower. Choose your favorite flower and color with better identify you, to surprise guests in such a special day. Bridal bouquets become genuine artistic creations, and more and more brides opt for a radical change. The catalog of bouquets is increasingly extensive, with possibilities for all tastes and styles, from classic to modern bouquets. We invite you to discover the trend style that will mark the next season, giant flowers and bridal bouquets.

Giant flowers bouquet

A single flower is able to give personality to bridal bouquets created with a Large flower. Precisely in the simplicity of the idea lies the elegance. A bouquet we can do with natural flowers or with flowers paper, from cloth or felt. If we elect natural flowers we can choose for example by roses, and the bouquet look bigger what is done is placed around the main flower petals over other roses to the desired size. These branches are known as Rosmelia, and it supports other variants (called bouquets Melia) With flowers as gladioli, orchids, peonies, camellias, sunflowers or gerberas. Original Ramos, an alternative to bouquet classic, which can be decorated with pearls, ribbons, crystals&# 8230;

We invite you to visit the gallery where you'll find a selection of bouquets with giant flower, ideas for inspiration.

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