Decorate the room: Ideas of celebrity homes [PHOTOS]

We aspire to the halls of the mansions of celebrities is perhaps flying too high, but the truth is that they are decorated by top designers in the world so that they can find very good ideas and inspiration for decorating your living room. Why not? If you like the style of some of the famous salons to teach you in Photo gallery, maybe you can copy it or reinvent it within your means and personal tastes.

Be inspired by the halls of celebrity homes

In the gallery you'll find living rooms of Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian, two designs in which predominates black and white, but with different styles. While Khloé family room is distinguished by the dramatic and a Moroccan influence with Arab mosaics and lamps, Kourtney plays with black and white symmetry with incorporating pairs: Pairs of matching sofas, pairs of matching lamps&# 8230; A great idea that you can also incorporate in your living room.

Another option following the idea of ​​peers is the living room Manhattan apartment Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber They had in common when they still lived with their partners. With two red velvet chairs was spread two rooms that reflected the personalities of each. If you have a long, spacious living room, this can be an ideal to decorate and give all family members a place to feel comfortable in their environment and choice.

We see also often rooms in neutral colors, either in gray and white as raw salons new home of the Obamas, or beiges as the salon Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink. All styles fitted with the neutral line, from classic to the most welcoming.

He salon English country house Kate Moss He has dazzled us, because it conveys perfectly its eclectic and original personality. Velvet, gold and blue They combine to perfection in a room with many plants that provide a wild and organic touch, type tropical chic style.

The most glamorous touch is provided by the room house Manhattan Cameron Díaz. Champagne marble, glass, walls combine with wallpaper rose gold and yellow decor details to create a stay glam lovers vintage glam style.

Furthermore, in the gallery you will find many other surprises and inspiration, like the living room with dark Pader house Jessica Chastain or lounge overlooking a relaxing koi pond at [person] 's house Jennifer Aniston. Do not miss it!

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