Wedding photo stories: The most original ideas [PHOTOS]

Ideas for original wedding photo report. Photos or video of your wedding are memories that will keep forever in your retina. Then we take care precisely offer photographic reporting original ideas for your wedding day.

Who has not occasionally come home from newlyweds and had to watch the video and photographic reportage wedding couple? If you have also come to you now, would not you like boast a funny photo report? Then we take care to introduce different Ideas for a photo essay original wedding.

Wedding reports, the most original ideas

  1. The fashion for selfies. Self-portraits or, as they are called now, selfies are more fashionable than ever and, of course, they could not miss on the day of your link. In this case you have numerous options to choose from, for example, make it a selfie in the mirror, opt for a selfie alone or with your partner and even performing a group selfie with your guests.
  2. Photographing details. The details that make up the organization of a wedding are numerous from shoes, bouquet, dress, bride bag, the farm where the link is celebrated decorative elements&# 8230; With own nerves of the day it is possible that many of those details go unnoticed. A good idea is, then, to remain photograph captured forever in your photo album.
  3. Development of a Kissing Booth. Have you heard occasionally talk about it? It is a space reserved love. By this corner must pass your relatives and friends in order to show them to you and each other their tokens of affection. With the help of a Polaroid you can immortalize this beautiful moment. Finally, you can place a panel with all the photographs to keep your guests the recall.
  4. Wedding thematic reports. Whosoever shall ye deliver creativity can choose, then, for a really fun bet, themed pictures. In this case, there is no such report since they are your hobbies that come into play. photo stories of your favorite TV series, the movie that you shared first photographs inspired by cartoon, musical inspiration, video games ... What is the style of story that would inspire you?
  5. Advertising reportage weddings. If you would like to boast a wedding reportage own celebrities you can decantaros by one of advertising style. One characteristic of these is the originality of snapshots. Also in these you must be prepared to combine naturally and spontaneously with those other more elaborate images. You dare?

After offering these original proposals for your wedding photo shoot, do not miss the following tips to get perfect at any instant or these other tricks to appear thinner in the pictures.

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