How to make homemade ice cream mint

With high temperatures there is nothing better than to take a break taking something cooler. But many of the industrial ice cream sold not just to convince us, it is that many unnecessary calories and provide all kinds of preservatives that do little for our health. If you want to enjoy a healthy way, do not miss how to make homemade ice cream mint which brings about huge benefits to your body. And, besides, it is death!


• 4 egg yolks

• 125 g sugar

• 200 ml of cream

• 100 ml milk

• 2 tablespoons mint leaves

Step by Step

Full A glass of water and heat it until it is about to boil. Enter leaves mint and let stand for 10 minutes so you can knock off in the water the maximum amount of juice possible. When you pass this time, strain well water to remove traces of mint, tightening the latter with a spoon to extract the greatest possible amount of substance.

While enter the egg yolks, cream and sugar in a bowl and mount them using the mixer until stiff; ie obtaining such a volume that when you turn the container cream does not fall. Once you have it, added to the latter container milk mixture and mint and stir well.

Finally, enter it in the freezer for one hour. When you pass this time you must extract and beat to prevent ice crystals are created. This must repeat every 45 minutes during the four hours following. And ready! You have an ice cream as healthy and appealing placing some fresh mint leaves around.

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