Postures for meditation: The most recommended

Posture is important in meditation. Proper posture, back aligned, allows energy to flow through the vertebrae and muscles of your body, you can breathe freely and fruitful meditation where your body and mind enter a state of calm simultaneously. In fact, poor posture that makes you feel uncomfortable can make your concentration decreases, focusing on the areas of pain, such as neck or back. So today we offer a guide to know What positions are most recommended for meditation and how to make them properly.

Sitting meditation posture

Sitting posture is one of the most usual to meditate, even many schools of meditation as the best point. And certainly proper sitting posture promotes concentration and strain relief. However, the fundamental problem with this approach is that not always done properly, even many of the images that usually offer us about the sitting posture of meditation are wrong.

One of the sitting posture of meditation is wrong is with crossed legs, without pad, with neck slightly tense and arms and hands creating Ohm symbol. If you tend to think so, surely you end up with a sore neck and back, even in the hips and legs. And the position of the arms and neck is favoring the generation of tension throughout the body. Certainly there to meditate right back but this does not mean that we are in tension.

Further, do not let yourself be impressed by bizarre postures super yogis, which is generally beyond the reach of most mortals, besides these positions are intended for specific meditations and specific times, not for the usual meditations. Can you imagine meditate as in this illustration @Yoguineando?

How do sitting meditation posture correctly

If you like to meditate sitting, you should consider some tips to do it right. Take note!

Although it is best to be done on the ground to be in contact with the earth element symbolically, if you have knee problems or costs you much cross them, perhaps the position on the ground is not the most recommended for you. As well you can meditate sitting in a chair, whose height is high enough to not have your knees up and low enough so that your feet can rest on the floor with ease. Take off your shoes and supports the soles of your feet on the ground, to earth element still present in your meditation.

If you go to meditating on the floor and you are not an expert yogi with a lot of flexibility, we recommend using a zafu or meditation cushion. Any meditation center should have disponiblescojines for all attendees, and if you prefer to meditate at home, on the market you find them in various sizes, shapes and colors. You can even do it yourself.

The meditation cushion that helps you your knees do not suffer So while you're sitting and height depend on your needs. They have to be a little hard, hardness typically is achieved by filling natural fibers. Before buying one, try towels, hard pillows that you have at home or with a book and towels to know the height that best suits your needs. Photo: Pinterest.

On the ground, the ideal is cross your legs, but if you're not a yogi do not worry, because there are several cross-legged positions, not all are so complicated:

  • Burmese posture: Sitting on the Zafu meditation cushion or put your left foot in front of the cushion and then your right foot in front of this. You do not need to cross your feet. This is the simplest legs crossed. Photo: Pinterest.
  • Lotus posture quarter: Like the Burmese but supporting your left foot lightly on your right calf.
  • Full lotus posture: This is the famous position in which the feet are crossed. Starting from the fourth lotus posture, crossing the right foot on his left calf, and below the left foot. This is the position that gives the body more stability, but It is the hardest thing to do. If you do not feel comfortable, do not force yourself. Illustration: Pinterest.

Back, head and neck must be aligned, without leaning neither forward nor backward or sideways. Your back should be straight, but that does not mean you should stretch the neck up. You can try to do the posture leaning back against a wall to feel and understand how to put your back. Shoulders should be at the same height and your hands should be level symmetrically so that your muscles are balanced.

The arms should fall on the thighs, so that will not put stress on the shoulders. You can do any of the symbols of meditation with hands, each has a specific intention. But if you are a beginner, simply supports your hands on your thighs or make the Traditional Buddhist stance, with one hand on the other, it is very comfortable and can enjoy meditation.

Close your lips slightly apart but keep teeth and tongue against the palate mouth, with the tip against the back of the upper teeth. This is critical to your jaw tension release.

If it costs you stay awake during meditation, you can eyes slightly ajar, letting some light through your eyes, but without being annoying. De eesta form is more difficult to fall asleep.

make three deep breaths before starting to meditate, thinking about the intention of meditation. Now if you're already positioned correctly to begin meditating. Remember that if something distracts you must let it go and get on with your intention to meditation. Photo: @yoguineando

lying meditation posture

Not the usual, but some instructors use it for guided meditations such as Yoga Nidra, visualizations and relaxations at the end of an intense yoga class.

If you do any of these activities, you must do lying face up, preferably on the floor on a yoga mat. Place your arms along the body without tension and with palms toward the ceiling. Your feet should be relaxed and slightly outward. Before you begin meditation is to breathe deeply and relax each part of your body, drawing attention to areas that feel tense to relax them and keep in a healthy state of relaxation.

Finally, remember to be patient when you meditate, meditation takes practice and time.

Photo: @yoguineando

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