original hairstyles for Carnival [PHOTOS]

original hairstyles for Carnival. The costume already have chosen, but you still do not know what kind of hairstyle to wear? We tell you what the most original hairstyles to wear during the craziest party of the winter season, which can be adapted to your look perfectly are. You can even go dressed absolutely normal and just wear a hairstyle and a very original makeup.

Fashion hair bow iris It is a trend that goes far beyond the Carnival, in fact there are many girls who wear hair dyed thousand colors. For Carnaval we can get this look, but not permanent. You must use crayons or non-permanent dyes to give your hair a touch of madness. These products disappear perfectly with a shampoo. If you have long hair you can afford to keep loose and flowing hair, or you can make various hairstyles, but the best to carry out the various shades of the rainbow, are undoubtedly braids.

Even hair accessories they can help a lot to create a new hairstyle for very original Carnival. On the one hand you can keep the style of your hair, as usual you wear, and add a great headband with horns or springs that move. Costume shops in many fun accessories for the hair. Another option is to make a bun, low mole, high, medium topo&# 8230; (As you prefer) and then you can enrich with decorative elements from the glitter (hair) through cloth accessories, hair bands, pens, jewelery Sieves&# 8230; The final question is to shine all you can. If you prefer to give a striking touch to your hair, you can always opt for glitter or glitter hair (must be special hair so you do not damage and can be removed with a wash). Use different colors and play with them to give your hair a very bright air. Visit our photo gallery to see all original hairstyles Carnival 2016.

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