Bridal makeup for dark eyes: Tips for a dreamy look

How to get a more intense look with the bridal makeup for dark eyes? When choosing makeup, get a natural effect and elegant is one of the trends that shares the spotlight with the boldest proposals for eye shadows combined with attractive and suggestive colors for lips. Let's see some Practical tips to achieve a refined bride makeup for brown and black eyes.

Natural makeup

Bet on a Natural look It is always a wise choice when choosing bridal makeup. Whether your makeup yourself, as if you put yourself in someone else's hands, natural makeup style is best suited if we highlight a sophisticated and elegant look. Natural makeup enhances the look and creates the feeling of larger eyes, using appropriate techniques to highlight them.

It is advisable to apply a primer also in the eyes, so that the makeup stays intact throughout the day. Then choose eye shadow in natural colors, in shades such as pale pink, ivory Y peach, difuminándola edges. To enhance, bet on a light touch eyeliner, and mascara, but if you have big eyes remember to not apply eyeliner pencil or inside, as they seem even smaller. Clear eye shadow combined with blush face powder and a touch of lip gloss to complete.

Smoky eye shadow

Smoky eyes makeup trick is the trendsetter in recent years, so much that has become a classic. A particular makeup intensifies the look and it makes it seem larger, especially the darkest eyes. The Kohl pencils and eyeliner should be applied with extreme precision along the line of the upper and lower lashes for a more or less elongated line according to our style and taste.

For the lovers of the 50s bridal makeup will be ideal betting on a cat eye effect. With a pencil draws a line, and the edges bent upwards; applies gray eye shadow and metallised on the upper eyelid.

Eye shadows in dark tones, in some cases even eyebrows, as you can see in the photo gallery, are recommended for women with big eyes, even with a brighter effect, if you want, even false eyelashes . One of the latest trends in makeup are eye shadows gold and silver colors, although in these cases it is advisable to put in the hands of professionals to avoid too eccentric or flamboyant effect. Gold is the perfect color for brown eyes, while silver will be the perfect complement for black eyes.

Preferred bars lips

Once we have decided eye makeup, just choose the Tiense lipstick that best matches. If we seek a clearer style suggestions are betting on a color or brightness peach pink natural effect, while tes like to follow the trends of the season, red is again a firm and determined commitment. Lipstick pink or caramel tones are a good alternative if you have a very fair complexion.

We invite you to visit the gallery where you will find proposals to choose wisely makeup that best complete your bridal look.

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