Tips for frying without oil

Tricks for frying without oil. Do you use oil usually in the kitchen? Did you know that there are some tricks to avoid use of this substance? Here we show a complete guide tips for frying without oil.

While in the past we've shown the protective properties of olive oil in the Mediterranean diet or properties of olive oil, then we offer an alternative to oil for frying.

Glucose is an ingredient powder that melts between 190 and 150th. Therefore, thanks to its characteristics this is a perfect item for frying foods. This natural sugar from grapes, can be bought in supermarkets, specialty stores and in specialized stores in bakery products.

But we know then how to use it for frying foods.

As frying with glucose powder

First, you must heat the glucose powder slowly until it melts and becomes fully liquid fire. Once they begin to appear the first bubbles in glucose is the turn, then, to pour food to be fried in it.

During the cooking process it is important to monitor the food color. Once golden brown is the time to remove them from the fire. Just as if it were cooking with oil before serving fried foods should let them sit on a plate on paper towels to remove excess glucose powder, in this case.

When we use glucose for frying powder must take into account some considerations. If you are, for example, cooking homemade pancakes, glucose can be used without problems. However, if you fry fish, meat or vegetables you must protect these foods to avoid acquiring an overly sweet taste.

The latest generation of fryers

Another method for frying without oil or at least do it with a minimal amount, between one and two tablespoons, is done with high generation fryers. Manufacturers of these cooking utensils tasty fried ensure perfect consistency and with a fat percentage of approximately 80%.

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