Glycolic Acid: Benefits against blemishes and acne

Glycolic acid It comes from sugar cane, beets and other varieties of fruit. It is the best known of the family of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) and is used in cosmetics, especially for its power to eliminate spots and acne scars, Today we tell you all the benefits that glycolic acid can bring to our skin.

Due to its low molecular weight may penetrate the surface layers of the skin so it is the most active used in cosmetics and dermatology for smooth and deep peels. Revitaliza and rejuvenates the skin and is mainly used in wrinkle treatments, blemishes and acne. It is used in higher concentrations around 40-70% for medical peelings, in the composition of cosmetics are most commonly used lower concentrations.

Benefits of glycolic acid

  1. gently exfoliates removing dead cells and regenerating the skin.
  2. Visibly reduces lines.
  3. It keeps skin fresh moisturizing it.
  4. Prevents premature skin aging.
  5. It provides brightness to the faces off.
  6. Protects collagen from our skin.
  7. Removes stains caused by the sun, acne scars&# 8230;

Benefits for stains

  1. It acts to remove the upper layers of the skin by removing dead cells with consequent stain removal.
  2. It stimulates the formation of new skin cells increasing the smoothness and suppleness of the skin.
  3. If you also stain your skin is aging, either by age or by the effect of the sun, combines glycolic acid treatments with vitamin A.

Benefits for Acne

  1. Removes the top layers of skin giving way to renewed skin.
  2. Restores fibers and tissue damage why it is indicated for skin with acne marks.
  3. Combining glycolic acid with salicylic acid you will improve oily skin, problem that often accompanies acne.

After you a treatment with glycolic acid using sunscreen, moisturize the skin much, and exfoliation treatments try to do it before summer, preferably in autumn and winter. If you are interested in facials you want to know the myths about hyaluronic acid and retinol myths.

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