Matías Prats: dining out with his ex-wife and her mother [PHOTOS]

Matías Prats: dining out with his ex-wife and her mother. Everyone was surprised by the news of the separation presenter of the news of Antena 3 after bringing his wife married nearly 30 years, but at least it seems that it was a breaking off the most cordial Matías Prats and has been eating with his ex-wife, Maite Chacón and his mother. Former marriage has proved most helpful to the mother of journalist and among them is that there are still good friends, so that they are no longer partner does not mean they do not keep getting along, and I always take them he will join his two children together.

While some former partners tackle the lead after ending their relationship are shot, others are an example that after love can be a beautiful friendship, as demonstrated by Natalia Verbeke, who opened a bike shop accompanied his two ex, or Matías Prats, who still looks and getting along with his wife has been for many years.

When they parted, the news presenter and former partner flaunted this good relationship we talked about saying goodbye with gentle kiss and a hug.

Although they get along and they have two children together, Matias and Marta, the love between them is over and have decided to start separate lives after nearly thirty years of marriage; so now Matías Prats It is beginning to decorate his home La Moraleja, where he will carry life single after so many years, and he has been in a furniture store by choosing a suitable chair for his new home.

Matías Prats and Maite Chacón are another of those marriages that despite having broken show that among them may be a good friendship and cordiality, because after so many years together some love is always logical it is.

Recently it discovered presenter's relationship with his colleague chain, Ruth Izcúe.

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