Decorated with fruit: the most original ideas [PHOTOS]

Ideas for decorating fruit. You are looking for an original idea to introduce your child that fruit? Then, we offer the most original decorations for fruit.

Fruit is, in many occasions, one of the less palatable to most kids in the house dishes. Why do not you try to print a funny touch to your presentation? Perhaps in this way children get to see the fruit otherwise. Do not miss the following Fruit decorative ideas with which you can serve apples, melons, pears or oranges to your children.

An apple blossom

There are many different ways to shape an apple. But in this case we will show you how you can turn a simple apple in a beautiful flower. Take note!

We know how to create an apple blossom. Now it's time to shape a face on this same piece of fruit. This is a perfect work to decorate the table and present fruit trays children's parties.

It is a really simple decoration because all you have to carve is the mouth, lips and teeth. The key to this is not to remove too much decoration apple. It is important to only remove the surface, ie the shell.

To work inside the mouth can help a cutter. The expressions that can play run from your account, shock, surprise, happiness, sadness ...

While we've learned how to make funny faces on an apple you can also perform pears or oranges, among others.

Funny melon baskets

Another fruit that we can use to create fun decorations is the melon. In this case, we'll teach you how you can make an original basket with a rabbit inside.

To do this you must, first, dig around melon eliminating any remaining seeds and pulp. It then takes a knife to cut it in half, leaving a strip of several centimeters joining both parts.

Then, carving the top. With it you get to create the two rabbit ears and mouth. And to get mustache and eyes you can turn, then, to strips of licorice. Meanwhile, to emulate the nose simply a ball of melon itself you can fasten with a toothpick.

You've discovered original ideas to decorate the fruit, but we know some recipes for: fruit and vegetable juices or these other delicious desserts made with fruit.

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