The best mobile apps for fashionistas

The technology is present in our daily life and in fashion could not be outdone, today we have applications that allow us to know the latest and most modern looks, so in EllaHoy we tell you what are the best apps for fashionistas; follow the best of street style from your smartphone.

21 Buttons

The application of choice for fashionistas. This free app lets you see the looks that are taking, share your outfits and learn to easily combine garments; You can also click on a pledge to know the brand, price and colors that are available and save the ones you like in your custom closet.


It is an application of real fashion for real people. Users of this app They share their looks and draw inspiration by others, you can create albums with the styles you love and at the same time give visibility to your blog being an active part of the community. If you are active and share your looks you can get flowers as virtual prizes.

This app lets you fashion estilismos know the user, all they share their favorite looks and at the same time say where those clothes bought and how much it cost them. It also includes a critical where you can evaluate the clothes, to tell others if it's worth buying it. you have no excuse for not knowing the street fashion style.


This fashion app (also free) is similar to the method using Instagram, it is fashionable to share photos with filter. Celebrities and designers carving Michael Kors or Diane Von Furstenberg already among its users. Share and meet fashion trends thanks to this fun app.


This is an ideal application for know the different looks street style of time; You can share your photos also let other users you positive feedback or make you any criticism about your outfit. The application also lets you know where each garment comes through tags. It is available for iOS and Android for free.


This application fashion shows you lI best street style sites network. It is ideal for the latest information and ideas to get the best looks. This original app is available for iOS and Android.

Dress app

This free app lets you have an image consultant on your mobile, sounds good does not it ?, It is very easy to use, only need to download the application and define the clothes you love, then you shoot to the clothes you have in your closet and the app will create the most chic combinations and that best suit your tastes.

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