Activities and games to stimulate motor skills in children

A beneficial technique for physical and emotional health of the child, being very advisable in case of children with hyperactivity or attention deficit disorder. The psychomotor also it helps control breathing, to enhancing memory and the creativity, to improve the pace and to become aware of your body.

Psychomotor is based primarily on physical exercises which will take place in groups, also using the game as a teaching tool. While the kids have fun they acquire motor skills, improve concentration, They relax and socialization is enhanced with other children their own age.

Psychomotor games with children

  • Crossing the river: This is to emulate a river by placing newsprint like stones, which must be treading across the river. If you are, for example, 10 children, place 11 stones. They must cross in single file, and to move forward, they must be going from back to front paper remaining behind the last child.
  • Orange game: With a small orange, children, placed in a row, will have to go passing each other without crashing to the ground and unable to use their hands and arms.
  • Name Game: Placed in a circle, a child has to throw the ball to another while its name. A plan to learn and memorize the names of the classmates play.
  • Watch game: To the rhythm of music, children are placed in a row, holding her by the shoulders, and following the direction of clockwise until it stops the song. When sound again have to walk in the opposite direction. And so on.
  • Game Obstacle: In a room we placed a number of obstacles that will have to overcome to get to the other side, as if it were a circuit. Thus, for example, we can place a bank have to spend keeping balance, a river formed by stones (colored sheets or rings on the floor) or go under a tunnel (with chairs).
  • Game balloonsOne of the funniest games. It is an inflated balloon tied at the ankle, and we must try to step on the balloon rest without being one step on yours.

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