3nder: your new social network if you want to triplets

Social networks have revolutionized the way we interact with our friends, contacts or even strangers wanting to know more about them. Beyond Facebook, the social network for excellence, have appeared pages and social networks designed specifically to bind and to meet people in order to prepare couples.

If Internet through popular sites like Meetic knew or eDarling, the presence of applications to link through our smartphones or tablets is also a reality. But today, we go a little further and we reveal 3nder, a social network that has been set up to link, but uniquely because the goal is to find participants for a threesome.

The truth is that may sound a little alarming when we hear about 3nder for the first time, for this reason we detail its features and how it works.

We must simply download the app via the virtual and start enjoying their services shop. Through the filters we can choose our sexual preferences, age, location, etc. so that the application itself is responsible for looking for the best candidates. In our profile we can put a brief self-description for others if they find us, they know why they should choose us.

Take on new experiences

It is not unusual that you always have coveted a threesome. A girl with considerable sexual appetite is normal to want to make love with two men at once or even a man and a woman, creating a unique sexual experience.

3nder it born precisely for those or those who do not dare to take the final step and prefer to find interested people to satisfy their needs through their smartphone, as with other applications for flirting.

It is ideal for couples seeking new experiences with a third person, as those unmarried or single women who enjoy to the fullest with two companions app. It seems that this kind of apps are increasingly common and their success is a worrying so much. Luckily, they also offer accounts with apps to spy on your partner, just in case.

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