Rodolfo Sancho and Xenia Tostado: Surfer and romantic holiday [PHOTOS]

Rodolfo Sancho and Xenia Tostado: Surfer and romantic holiday. The pair formed from a few years ago, by the actors Rodolfo Sancho Y Xenia Tostado They have decided to take a holidays on the island of Fuerteventura to enjoy the favorite sport of the actor, the surfing. Rodolfo, He is doing right now doublet television by the two sets in working, he is going through one of the worst moments of his life as He lost his father this summer. Now he tries to recover rested with his girl and enjoying a well-deserved holidays.

The couple formed by actors Rodolfo Sancho and Xenia Tostado always they have been relationship the most discreet and outside the media but we have seen them taking a holidays by beaches Fuerteventura to enjoy a few days of surfing. He is a lover of the sport and has spread to his girlfriend, which we saw as a good student taking lessons from an expert, her boyfriend.

In August, Rodolfo He said goodbye to his father, the actor Sancho Gracia, who died because of lung cancer, but had the support of his girlfriend, which was not separated from him for a moment. The actor still is recovering from the tough loss so the support of his girlfriend is essential, and what better to enjoy such support on a romantic holiday, as shown by the images of ten minutes.

In addition to the company of his girl and her family, the actor It is supported in its work, which does not lack, as we have seen two television channels simultaneously. On the one hand is protagonist Miniseries "Stolen Stories", It has been issued in recent weeks Antenna 3, and on the other, he plays the role of Ferdinand in the series "Isabel", one of the most anticipated between the grill Spanish Television, and which was presented at the FesTVal of Vitoria in early September.

A young actress, Xenia Tostado we have also seen these days on TV, starring one TV- Movie emitting low-cost Telecinco. Its titled "The decision to Raquel" and Xenia is the protagonist.

As we see, both are immersed in their work projects as actors, but still have time to make a romantic break together to enjoy each other properly.

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