Caring for naturally curly hair and keep it healthy

He curly hair It is, in most cases, the most difficult to care because It tends to frizz and usually has a lot of volume. It is often indomitable, very difficult to disentangle and dries very quickly, which makes its appearance considerably worse. Smooth it or pick it up are usually the most popular to try to cope with all the difficulties remedies, although not always the best option. If you want to brag about hair with curls we give you some tips on caring for naturally curly hair and keep it healthy.

Tips for natural curly hair care

  • Before washing the hair, desenrédalo a little, at least make a first attempt. Thus you will contribute to that will not break later. When wet and very tangled is when hair suffers because we make enough strength to try and untangle the hair suffers the most.
  • Curly hair tends to dry easily so a good habit is to wash with a nourishing shampoo to maintain hydration. A shampoo highly recommended for curly hair and has become a beauty revolution is the low shampoo, a shampoo without sulfates which provides extra nutrition.
  • Drying is one of the most important parts. Do not rub with a towel, but remove excess moisture gently. It is important to dry curly hair with a blow dryer with a diffuser and use products suitable as thermal protectors, in this article we tell you how to make a homemade thermal protector. Accompany drying combing the hair with your fingers is a good choice for curly manes.
  • Anti frizz products can be your best allies because they allow wave is defined longer.

long curly hair and dry

If the hydration and nutrition It is most advisable in hair curls for girls long, curly mane It is paramount, it is useless to have long hair but is maintained and well-defined curls. It is important that, if you please keep long hair, a good cut yourselves for shaping and play with the volumes, Thus, your hair will not be a uniform mass of curls.

The texturizing sprays will shape your waves giving it a natural appearance and defining the curl. Now that summer approaches and hair suffers so much, especially curly hair, we suggest going to the hairdresser and make a good hydration treatment, after the summer you'll need to make treatment but if you have previously done the damage will be much lower.

Dehydrated short curly hair

The girls short curly hair, sometimes they are not happy with their hair because they do not know how to comb or believe that a short curly hair may not be appealing. A fringe is a good choice for short and curly cuts, they will give you a cañero touch and the most current, in this article we show you the best looks curly hair with bangs, take note!

In cases where the hair is so short, they are critical finishing products for the wave or curl are well defined and our head is not a bristling mass. Check out this article that shows you a picture gallery with the best hairstyle ideas for short hair.

As you see, 3 main pillars to maintain curly hair They are: Hydrate, good products and a good cut finish that movement and naturalness. Put into practice our advice and boasts hair with curls.

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