Wedding decoration 20s: The most original [PHOTOS]

Wedding decoration 20s: The Original. A retro, romantic, warm ... if you want your wedding to be in this style, you have to go for 20's decor, with that vintage flavor that will make it an unforgettable day.

The wedding decoration 20s&# 8242; He is the choice of many brides for the most special day of your life, especially for those who have chosen a dress if vintage wedding or a wedding dress 20s&# 8242 ;, want the rest of the celebration is the same style. Dreaming of a wedding inspired 'The Great Gatsby' It is common, so today there are many specialized wedding organizers in this style, getting you floral ornaments, decorations, that is, all this air 20s.

If you really want a themed wedding, there are many options you have, from suggesting to the invited dresses vintage party, until the bride look a dress of 20s style&# 8242; with tassels and feathers, a wavy hairstyle water, together with a veil or lace tape on the front.

Wedding decoration 20s&# 8242;

Focusing on the decor for a wedding of this kind, beads and the feathers are the most popular motifs, always combined with a Art Deco typical of the 20s&# 8242 ;. Depending on where the wedding is held, either a church or in a room, You can decorate it with dark wood chairs, With lanterns with candles in muted tones. For all the decoration we recommend light colors as white, dusty pink or beige. But if you want to propose a marriage of contrasts, black and white are your choice, from wedding invitations, posters through the tables, not to mention the wedding cake. To add more glamor, adds gold accents that will bring that same art deco style of a wedding 20s&# 8242;

The decor of the room where the banquet will be held must be fully vintage with a strong Art Deco: the glass centerpieces with cascades of pearls They are the key to this style, as well as high and striking feathers, They are ideal for creating this kind of atmosphere 20s&# 8242; What are we searching for.

Commitment wooden chairs, tables and other furniture, and if the wedding is outdoors, you can increase this decor trunks, leather books, antique typewriters, and other items you'll find at flea markets or easily vintage shops.

you forget not to look at the gallery with the most original wedding decoration ideas 20 years&# 8242; we bring.

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