10 wedding trends that will shape 2017

If you are planning your wedding for next year, you are interested in the latest trends They imposed by force. Traditions are reinvented, and not just when replacing rice because weddings adapt to new times with details and the most original proposals. And among the most groundbreaking trends, of course, no shortage of new proposals for wedding dresses. We invite you to discover the 10 Trends wedding that will mark 2017.

1. Wedding dresses with 3D flowers

One of the most romantic trends of 2017 will be the dresses turned into a real garden full of fantasy and magic with 3D flowers. A stylish look that prevails in the most elegant and suggestive dresses.

2. Wedding dresses two piece

A trend that has come strongly, the hand of leading firms bridal fashion, Wedding dresses are the two pieces, original, elegant and daring look for perfect designs.

3. dresses with coat pockets or

Two details that also point something like the complement of the layer wedding dresses or practical pockets for skirts dresses.

4. Espaldas jewelry

He tattoo effect continues to set style, which adds a new trend in wedding dresses, with designs back jeweled, discovered or covered with tulle and lace fabrics like.

5. colorful dresses

He White shares the spotlight with other colors in the palette for original and alternative designs. Color champagne, pink stick or pastels They are increasingly present in the collection of fashion brands, from the collection of Justin Alexander or Hannibal Laguna, among others. And if you dare everything, do not forget that the black or red passion. You can best colored dresses 2017.

6. Short dresses and skirts midi

Oscar de la Renta, Justin Alexander and Eli Saab are some designers who are committed to also dress up brides short dresses or two-piece suits with midi skirts. More and more brides looking for a natural style, without losing elegance, her wedding day.

7. Wedding with cocktail or buffet

He banquet reinvents itself, because if you want a different wedding and allow guests and grooms move and interact more freely, fashion is imposed cocktail or buffet, and of course, foodtruks, an original idea to add the s also chill out areas or corners for guests to enjoy food, music and atmosphere.

8. Dj instead of orchestra

One of the trends that prevails, especially in the wedding of the youngest, is hire a DJ instead of a band to give the guests a show of original and different music. There is also the option of hiring a band to liven up the wedding and banquet.

9. Maxi bouquets for the bride

Of the bouquet the maxi bouquet. The flowers They can not miss in any wedding, choosing those that best combine with the dress and style of the wedding. One trend that comes hard is to bet on the maxi bouquets.

Scenarios 10. Pop-up Wedding

The new trend in wedding decoration departs from classical gardens for outdoor weddings and seeking new locations, more original and different, as old factories, warehouses, theaters, museums vestibules&# 8230;

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