Meaning bridal bouquet: Why do we?

essential to complement the bridal look, but What really is the meaning of the bouquet?, Where does this tradition come from? Just as wedding flowers hidden meaning, the field also has its particular history.

The tradition of carrying bridal bouquet dates back centuries, placing its origin in the Brides habit of carrying herbs, such as thyme, dill or garlic to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck and happiness for the couple. Another custom was similarly tied to the ankles and wrists fragrant flowers.

In those days hygiene and bathing habits were not exactly going to care, to which must be added that weddings were usually held in the warmer months (spring / summer) and some brides wore ornate dresses. This led to seek a practical solution to hide the body odor. However, history also reveals that the bouquet has also been at other times a particular way convey a message to your loved one, through the choice of flowers for their meaning.

The tradition of throwing the bouquet

More uncertain is the origin of the tradition of throwing the bouquet, adapted to each culture and country. A tradition that has often meant that who catches it will be the next to marry. There is another more practical explanation is that single women are standing to try to catch the bouquet, and thus men seeking couples know for sure who are not married.

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