Modern brides: Surprise everyone on your wedding day [PHOTOS]

Modern brides: Surprise everyone on your wedding day. There are many women who during preparations for their wedding, they decide that They do not want a typical celebration later no one remembers, and that of course his look is modern and surprised all your guests; If you're one of them, you do not need to view you from black or you put a boots biker, and that thanks to new trends, will leave everyone openmouthed no need to scare anyone. We propose some tricks so that everyone remember your style on your wedding day, and all envy you for your imagination.

long any bride can choose for your wedding day ago the style that defines it, without getting the typical White dress, the flower in her hair and sky-high heels shoes which they cause the end of the ceremony we just wanted to go to bed.

If you are planning your next link, but you refuse to follow the rules and want to revolutionize your personal style, we suggest some trends with which you will surprise your guests, without your grandmother to give him a fit.

  • white dresses: Currently, there is a lot of designs for any woman on her wedding day, but if you intend to leave everyone impressed, It needs not abhor white, since you can choose any design touches in different colors, such as black or red, with which you'll look very well sensual.
  • Colorful dresses: You can also opt for a lot of tones offering many designers, like gray for the most daring, or all shades of red, with you definitely pleasantly surprised.
  • Ramos: If you are thinking in a different field, do not worry, as you will no longer carry the typical daisies, roses or white, and you can decant for a few bouquets original as balls, or multicolored.
  • hairstyles: If you also want to stop anyone admire your spectacular collected, you can add to your hairstyle trend for this season, some sort of headdress or a Greek style look with a tape around the head.
  • Shoes: Also the world of bridal shoes has been modernized, and now many couturiers propose the most original designs, as Light pink with their lace boots.
  • modern ideas: If all this seems little, and still want to stand out more, propound your guests, both women and men, to dress in black, so you'll look a lot more, and they will enchanted and more elegant never.

You know some of the new proposals for brides who refuse to follow the rules traditional, now only need to choose the style that most defines you, and of course your marriage last lifetime.

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