Making 69: Reasons for preferring this sexual position

69 is a position quite consolidated in sexual culture has always had a halo of sensuality and magic associated with its implementation. Also during the 60s it constituted part of the symbology related to the liberation of women. Here we discover the reasons why it is a good idea to practice this technique.

Reasons why it is good to practice with your partner 69

There are many reasons to choose 69 as sexual practice par excellence, If you're not yet a fan of this form of oral sex simultaneously, we give good Reasons to start watching so much more positive.

Interaction capacity

with the pair 69 is a technique that is practiced simultaneously with the couple, the fact give pleasure to another person as a reward for pleasure we're getting increases the complicity between the two and offers the possibility of combining the rhythm of pleasure.

Feelings to the surface

very pleasant and sexual, feeling your partner's legs circling your neck while at the same time you are receiving oral sex. Many people feel that this is capable of increase your level of arousal during the sexual act.

Fetish and sexual practice at the same time

For men, 69 is one of the most valued fantasies with oral sex by this same practice this posture gives a double reward man as a realization of sexual fantasies.

More comfortable position for cunnilingus

For men, performing cunnilingus on 69 position offering is much more comfortable and therefore tend to get better results, especially if adopted a lateral position as a fetus.

Possibility of intercropping with other techniques

69 is very pleasing that if practiced uninterruptedly with alternations of sexual intercourse can greatly extol the pleasure and greatly reduce the time to reach orgasm

Message as sex

In addition to the practice of 69 signals you can give your partner a clear and sensitive way on how he is practicing cunnilingus, usually unintentionally and as more'm liking us his performance, the more we strive to do our part well.

safe sex

Although It eliminates the possibility of pregnancy unplanned, it is essential to take precautions against disease. You must be sure that your partner is not a risk before thinking of practicing without a condom 69. This is not only applicable in the case of the woman to the man, risk always exists on both sides and you must know that there are female condoms that are very appropriate in this type of practice and performing cunnilingus insurance.

Question of sexual tastes

69 is very good to increase the frequency of sexual intercourse because their satisfaction rate among women It is much higher than in the practice of other sexual positions. But you can also practice 68 which is a variation of this practice shift if you feel more comfortable in any case the most important thing is to venture to try new things to enjoy more your sex.

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