How to eye makeup step by step [PHOTOS]

You want to know how eye makeup step by step? Surely you've ever asked questions how are you:green tones, brown or blue?, What was I wearing this season ?, use the eyeliner? The mascara ¿Black or brown? And is that all we ask ourselves the same questions at the end! Take note!

Before you begin you must keep in mind the color of your eyes, it is one of the strong to get you the most points. This way you will choose the most appropriate shadows, attentive to our tips!

  • Green eyes as Sara Carbonero: Our most famous sports journalist is great with shadows in shades of brown or land.
  • Brown eyes as Penélope Cruz: Any color she is doing well. So if your eyes are this color, try using the day copper or brown for a look more natural, and at night Try the blue.
  • Blue eyes as Cameron Diaz: the gray Y platas They are your greatest allies. do not remove the spotlight from your eyes with blue, Make us case!

Once you've chosen the shades you better go, do not miss how to get a result movie star, It is very simple, look!

  1. Apply the makeup base all over the face and concealer.
  2. Women can easily exploit two parts of the face: eyes or lips. You decide what you stay, but never equally highlights the two.
  3. In the event that you've opted for the eyes, it's time to apply the shadows.

The key will have the shape of your eyes. Depending on how they are need traralos of one form or another:

  • Set eyes: You must extend to the inside of the eyelid light shades darkening and go to the outside. As for the eye pencil, begins halfway through the eyelid, avoiding black tone close lacrimal. Date way to eyebrows and you carry them always well shaved. Be especially careful with the space between his eyebrows. To give you an idea, in the case of Nuria Roca.
  • Small eyesThe shape is similar to be dressed up before. Just do not forget to use a good eyelash curler. After date two layers of a black mask. Paris Hilton has this problem, you had noticed? Power from now as she your look with these techniques!
  • Large eyes: Look at Pilar Rubio, few things you sit wrong. Go testing, but always use an eyeliner on the upper eyelid. Of course, you should never forget the mascara, You will shine!

With all these tricks for makeup eyes that we have given You'll succeed! You look in the mirror and start to hide your defectillos and increase your virtues ... it is in your hands!

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