semipermanent mascara: Everything you need to know about this technique

    semipermanent mascara: Everything you need to know about this technique. You know what is the semipermanent mascara? Let's see what there is to know about this mascara that can last 24 hours, giving a more intense and seductive. All-addicted mascara can be happy with this product that guarantees makeup eyelashes an intense black and long lasting. We must know, however, the limits of the mask semi-permanent eyelashes or risks that can lead also what.

    What is semi-permanent eyelashes mask?

    Are not you tired of makeup and remove eye makeup every day ?, you have to repeat this process several times a day to keep the eyes clean. If you like thick black lashes, semipermanent mascaras can make you life easier, through a simple application, however, it must be done in a beauty salon.

    How to apply semi-permanent mascara

    If you decided to abandon the classic mask tabs, the esthetician will invite you to lie on a reclining chair to help you relax. At this point you will brush the eyelashes and then move on to the implementation of one black paste the tabs. The operation lasts about twenty minutes.

    How the semipermanent mask

    The paste is applied beauticians lree formaldehyde, It dries instantly and therefore there is no danger of eye contact. In addition, the lid is not touched.

    How long semi-permanent eyelashes mask

    How long does the semipermanent mascara? At least three weeks. Its duration is related to the natural cycle of the lashes, after about twenty days, fall to make room for new ones. So mascara and will also have to make a second application.

    Advantages of semipermanent mascara

    We analyze now the pros and cons masks semipermanent lashes. The advantages are many: no dripping, no cause stains and lets you forget about all the mistakes of the application of a traditional mask. It also has an affordable price.

    Disadvantages of semipermanent mascara

    Although there are no real contraindications, it is good to know what are the disadvantages the mask semipermanent lashes. With this product, the possibilities are limited compared with the classic mascara, these allow you to bend and stretch lashes for a volume XXL. The application (semipermanent mascara) can only be performed in a beauty.

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