Bio cream for faces: the best [PHOTOS]

Bio cream for faces: the best. One of the beauty trends more fashionable in recent years are face creams eco, bio and organic. Bio-ecological cosmetics is experiencing a real golden age. More women buy and use eco-bio cosmetics, derived from plants and herbs, free of synthetic substances and respectful to the environment.

But what they are the essential characteristics of organic cosmetics? should not contain waxes, or silicones, or synthetic dyes or fragrances, no components subjected to radiation or GMO animal derived ingredients, except the milk and honey. In addition, the plant ingredients must come from organic farming. How can you know what ingredients carry eco products? Beyond labels &# 8220; organic certification&# 8221 ;, should read carefully the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI)

For the first wrinkles we can use the line Weleda rosehip, you have day creams, night and hydrating fluid. The brand Amapola Workshop It offers bio products and suitable for all types of skin creams. For example: Calendula moisturizer is ideal for sensitive skin moisturizer and burdock and nettle helps with acne. Marilu bio also offers bio creams for day, night and anti wrinkles. Nourishing Moisturizer Day of Green and Spring brand is perfect to revitalize our face skin, it contains extracts of rose, elderflower, cranberry, chamomile and lavender.

Green Bottega find a perfect cream to prevent wrinkles and improve: Retinol Bio Plus cream with vegetable collagen, derived from Acacia Senegal, hyaluronic acid, glycolic extract of ginseng, vitamins A, E, F, C. If your skin is mixed chooses Logona facial creams with natural extracts and bio. Do not forget to visit our image gallery to see more bio face creams.

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