Middle hair cuts hair: Ideas for Fall / Winter 2014-2015 [PHOTOS]

Middle hair cuts hair: Ideas for Fall / Winter 2014-2015 The haircuts bob favor almost all kinds of women and faces. It is one of the star cuts for several seasons. The long and short bob are ideal to give a different touch to our manes, and as you can choose from several long, perfectly fits your style. Manes are retro style trend seventies and sixties, with long fringe and disheveled.

Manes stockings, as I said earlier, they are very well almost all types of faces. We told you what the trends for this fall and now it will know the winter 2015. Average manes are also ideal for those who do not want to cut their hair long option, a long bob cut over his shoulder is the solution. If instead you prefer something more risky bet a bob cut below or above the ears, but always maintaining the shape of the bob.

One trend is the half cut hair over her shoulder with a blunt bangs and destructured slightly. it is best to take the hair that frames climbing over his face. These cuts are inspired by the famous 60 as Jane Birkin and Françoise Hardy. To give it a more modern touch plays with dyes and wicks with different techniques. Another haircut is cut bob marched with flush or below the ears with a tousled finish. To achieve this after washing your hair added volume and foam to give if you want to shape using wax or pomade, with that better define hairstyle and do not add much volume (if you prefer). You can also choose a 70's style mane and hippies touches. It is a hair over her shoulder with light waves and blunt bangs. If you want to give it a more &8220; casual&8221; bet very soft Californian wicks.

For those who want an average mane absolutely trend They can bet on manes with volume or smoother, according to your preferences, but with an extra long bangs that takes subject aside. It is one of the cuts that have been seen on the catwalks. Colors to wear stockings manes appear natural and without artifice. They are simple averages manes, with cuts very natural and give us a more modern look. If you want to risk more than you can decant a very smooth bob with or without bangs, or the opposite, a very tousled and disheveled bob. Visit our gallery to see the latest trends.

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