Bulimia in children: Causes and Cure

Which are the symptom?, How to treat and prevent bulimia in children? Are some of the questions whose answers are essential to detect as soon as possible eating disorder that knows no age, since it can also affect children at an early age, between 7-8 years. Girls are the most vulnerable to disorders such as bulimia, anorexia, dysphagia (Difficulty swallowing) disorder selective dining and the aversion certain foods. As parents we should not substimar signals that alert us of a disorder that can jeopardize the health of the sufferer.


There are some factors that as parents we should pay attention. Thus, for example, it is the case of children who are especially show anxious, with a tendency to spin the food on the plate but without eating it. In other cases, the child entertains cut foods into small pieces, it is particularly slow during meals and even try to avoid certain foods in your diet. Other symptoms may also appear as depression or panic attacks. All these symptoms are a sign of psychological distress. The emotional distress of children is reflected in the relationship with food. Depending on the eating disorder symptom They vary. In the case of bulimia, in particular, children tend to eat without restraint, which often causes indigestion and heaviness. Voracity tries to hide his psychological problems. With the emergence of food-related symptoms is advisable to consult your pediatrician. The eating disorders actually heal faster if detected early.


In these cases, therapy is essentially psychological. Parents should not blame or punish the child, but should try to find out Causes behind the eating disorder. For this, you should consult with a psychologist specializing in eating disorders, emotional distress especially if the food is accompanied by other symptoms such as anxiety attacks, depression and panic. Parents should talk with the child and understand their emotional difficulties. To avoid these eating disorders, it is advisable to teach children from an early age to handle and give a name to emotions, both positive and negative.

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