Curly Girl Method: 6 Steps to perfect curls you’ve always dreamed

Since the fashion stylist Lorraine Massey He taught her Curly Girl method, the world of women with curly hair has changed. And this stylist bestselling author of Curly Girl: The Handbook, has shown the world how to do to have some fabulous curls.

Prepare your hair

Before starting the curly girl method you must prepare your hair

  • Wash it with clarifying shampoo last before starting your treatment.
  • Get rid of your shampoo. you're going back to not use, because most shampoos have sulfates are very aggressive hair providing them a dehydrated and dry appearance.
  • Cut your tips. If you're going to start the curly girl method is important to start well. So let your toes are reorganized to make treatment more effective.

Now, you can already start treatment.

If you want to know more about the method curly girl, you might want to Curly Girl Method 5 photos showing that its creator knows what speech and Cowashing: Benefits for hair and scalp. How to Apply

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