Cocoro underwear: panties Crean rule

Although compresses ads insist on making us see the days of menstruation as happy and full of fun moments, we all know that is not at all something as nice as it looks. And not only have to endure pain and sometimes the discomfort of wearing napkins, tampons or menstrual cup, but they are few days when we do not see sexy at all. In response to these problems has come cocoro, the brand has created panties rule. You'd tell you all about this new underwear!

What is Cocoro?

Cocoro is the mark of a braguitas adapted for use during menstruation. This underwear gives us the opportunity to feel comfortable and beautiful without the worry of bringing with us other intimate hygiene products and safety that go well protected.

Where from?

It all started with a simple idea, which became a crowdfunding campaign. These campaigns are characterized by showing a project to the world and provide an opportunity for interested persons to contribute money to finance, so that it can become a reality. The big surprise was that less than 48 hours He had already been funded, and even got more money than I needed. So much so that just make a new goal to add a new model to the collection.

Although it may seem that need special treatment when washing, this underwear can be washed like any other piece of lingerie: hand, in the washing machine, etc. That itself is very important no fabric softener Y avoid dryer and iron to keep them like new for longer.

Do I save with underwear Cocoro?

Apart from the advantages in terms of comfort, self-esteem and security, Cocoro panties are a great financial aid. When compared to the usual spending on pads and tampons, the price of 30 € this underwear will seem insignificant to all uses offered. You come out winning everywhere!

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