Karezza Sex: What you are and what benefits?

He Karezza sex It is most effective when treat certain marital problems. It was created by feminist obstetrician Alice Bunker Stockham in 1896 and even today continues to reap success when put some spark relations durable they have finally become something you boring. If you want to know what this method because it can be read on what you and your partner are in need.

What is Karezza sex?

The word comes from carezza Karezza, an Italian word meaning 'caress'. And that is so fashionable this method is based on prolong the pleasure through physical contact, but never reach orgasm. Has a lot to do with tantric sex, as to make sex last longer, but the big difference is that all the pressure and expectations diluted climax.

Karezza sex anything goes, It is one of its great advantages, except climax. Consists in let go by caresses, massages, kissing ... and forget that there is a goal. The most important thing here is to enjoy the ride and concentrate on the sensations perceived by the other guiándote just for you imagination.

He eye contact It is essential to connect emotionally, smile also it functions as a way to convey love, like the caresses, kisses and hugs. They can touch the erogenous zones the body, but always with gentleness and affection. Transmit your satisfaction issuing wailing sensual, but never with words. For a deeper connection, listen to your heart while fondling him and sincronizad your breaths. All this may seem a bit odd, but it sure makes you reconectar a romantic level in a way that you do not expect.

How do you practice?

How do you practice?

The Karezza sex has proven to be most effective when combat erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, sex addiction and even repair broken relationships. And all this based caresses. Do not underestimate their power and grant him an opportunity. The containment of desire immediately coupled with the dedication and patience required by this method will make your partner and you come back to connect with each other.

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