Happy Mother’s Day flowers: What to buy? [PHOTOS]

Gifts for Mother's Day: The Meaning of Flowers. Have you thought about your mother give to a bouquet of flowers? Then you disclose your meanings to hit the right flower for her.

On the occasion of Mother's Day, there is no better gift than a beautiful bouquet of flowers. But there are many options to choose from, from a nice picture that most kids can print and color, homemade cards for Mother's Day, a trip, a relaxing experience ..

But among so option one of the most recurring gifts is a nice bouquet of flowers. But what to choose? Therefore, it is advisable to consult with staff from the florist what is the most appropriate flower to give your mother the most important woman in our lives. And it is that depending on the chosen flower it transmits one or another meaning. Therefore, to make a mistake and give to your mother with inadequate flower, you can not only refer to the florist but also, we suggest you take a look at the following guide meant that we have prepared for you.

Meaning of flowers

  • Rosas. These flowers always They have been associated with maternity, therefore, it is a perfect choice with which to surprise your madre.Antiguamente, roses were considered sacred and were associated with the Greek goddess Isis, seen as the ideal mother. But we find different types of roses, roses represent grace, elegance and appreciation of a mother; while yellow symbolizes friendship and happiness.
  • red jasmine. Another option is to surprise your mother with this elegant flower. Its meaning evokes the caresses, tenderness, love, which ultimately is the essence of the relationship between a mother and her children.
  • tulips. These They are usually associated with a new life, renewal and the arrival of spring. It is one of the main seasonal flowers becoming one of the perfect ways to develop a bouquet of flowers as a gift for Mother's Day.
  • lilies. Traditionally, This is a flower associated with Easter, but often are also used for Mother's Day. If you decide to give to your mother with a bouquet of lilies you can always combine it with other flowers such as, for example, white lilies, the result is ideal.
  • orchids. In countries like China, orchid flower It is a symbol of many children, refinement and beauty of a mother. One of the main features is its exotic orchids without forgetting, of course, its elegance. What better, therefore, to give your mother a bouquet of orchids? By
  • Lilas. We are facing a kind of elegant flower that symbolizes love, in this case, of a son to his mother. Therefore, it is also an option that you should evaluate for such a special day.

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