Maintain line: The most suitable fish

Hold the line: most suitable fish. Eating fish is one of the pleasures of summer. When you're vacationing on the coast, there is nothing better than taking a plate of fresh fish near the sea, but many times calories We go out of hand. If you are looking for ways to combine diet and watch your line to not give up the small delights of holidays, notes the fish best position to keep your figure. It is not always incompatible eat well to keep the line, so check this list of fish when you have one of those summer dinners and can boast figure while enjoying the food.

Summer is one of the times of year when we most care about our body, but it is also the season we become more excesses, because it invites holidays. Summer departures and care of our body does not have to be incompatible even though they eat away from home. The perfect example is fish, if we choose the right, can help us keep our weight in the summer.

Fish to hold the line

If you're vacationing in a place of coastline, sure you love you order fish when you go out to eat. If you care about your line, these are fish that you choose.

  • The lean fish They are ideal for subsistence allowance, because they contain only 70 to 80 calories per 100 grams and provide essential nutrients for our body. In this group we find flounder, monkfish, cod or hake.
  • He octopus It is one of the fish that less fat, but often the garrison involved is the problem. But if you eat without potatoes and other accessories that you usually add, you can be one of your star this summer dishes.
  • The scallops, clams, mussels Y the snails other seafood are less fat and calories give us, so that we can add to our summer diet without any fear.
  • The squids wave sepia They can also be good allies to keep our weight in summer, but we must do without the batters and not abuse sauces, because they are usually the most common ways to serve them.

While these are the best, nearly all fish are low in calories if prepared grilled or steamed, only a little oil and herbs.

You've seen that it is not necessary to give up a delicious made based on seafood to keep your food line, so these fish removed from the list of foods and customs fattening in summer and enjoy keeping the figure.

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