Cakes for diabetics with Thermomix

Diabetic cakes recipes with your Thermomix. Are you diabetic? You also enjoy the most delicious cakes. Here, we reveal some of the recipes for cakes, cookies and cakes for diabetics that can be made in the Thermomix.

Cheese cake for diabetics with Thermomix

Ingredients1 package of graham crackers, 4 eggs, 120 gr. sugar, 300 gr. Philadelphia cream cheese, 200 gr. of cream, 75 gr. butter and jam.

Elaboration: First, place cookies and butter, which should be at room temperature, in the glass of the Thermomix and crushed for 30 seconds at speed 6. Place the resulting mass into a mold. Then, enter the mold in the oven and bake the base of the cheesecake until crisp and golden brown.

Once you've properly distributed pie filling, save it to your fridge and let cool for three hours.

To finish preparing this cheesecake on your Thermomix, once it is cool proceeds to cover the surface of this cake with jam and Reserve it back in the fridge.

Diabetic cake with Thermomix

Here we present a recipe whose main attraction to Biscuit, but its novelty is presented orange flavored. Do you dare with this delicious recipe?

Ingredients: 04.01 kg. sugar, 1/4 kg. wheat flour, 100 gr. oil, 1 yogurt, 1 orange juice, one of chemical yeast, 3 eggs and salt.

Elaboration of orange cake: First of all, you must wash and clean the orange, removing brush with any remaining impurities containing your skin. Then, cut the orange into quarters and along with eggs, put these ingredients into the bowl of your Thermomix. Prográmala at 37º temperature, speed 5, for 3 minutes.

Meanwhile, set oven to heat at 180 ° C and in a bowl, mix flour with baking powder and a pinch of salt. Reserve these ingredients. After this time, add to the mass of your orange cake, yogurt and oil. Mix these ingredients for 15 seconds at speed 2 and a half.

We continue now with flour. In this case, you must add to the above ingredients and programming at the same speed, remixed for 15 seconds.

At this point you already have your cake dough orange ready. It is time, then, pass it to a bowl large enough to work it manually with a putty knife. Fill the mold half and finally bake for half an hour.

If you are looking for more recipes of cakes and desserts to make your Thermomix, here's more proposals to prepare birthday cakes, chocolate dessert recipes or recipes with your Thermomix homemade pancakes.

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