Atresserie: a new channel Antenna 3 series only with [VIDEO]

Fans of the series may be in luck. As antenna 3 It has created a channel only for serieadictos. Is called Atresserie and be alone with Spanish fiction, although there will be some international. "The new channel Atresmedia the world of the series is taken very seriously," is the slogan chosen, which has also shown the logo. This way you can see sea of ​​plastic, Velvet or suspected, series that are now succeeding, and even recover the old. Do you like the idea?

One of the most successful channels in DTT is Fiction Factory (FDF), which belongs to Mediaset, Well, the group wants them Atresmedia competition and that has created Atresserie, which from now on will see all series that have been issued by Antenna 3 and LaSexta, the vast majority Spanish, but there will be some international flair.

Atresmedia are setting up this new thematic channel series, but also include exceptional film that will add to the other chains in the group, Antena 3, the sixth (General), neox, which has its own awards (young band with children in Neox Kidz) Not going (Female) and Mega (Male).

They'll be more channels

Atresmedia made public the announcement of his new bet TDT last night during the emission of the series Sea of ​​plastic, one of the latest fiction bets the house. Atresmedia along the channel, will arrive other two new channels plus DTT HD (one produced by Mediaset whose content is unknown and Real Madrid TV). Also three channels reach more than standard definition.

So we must be very attentive to the news that come out to retune TV, yes, again, to see this channel that promises to be very entertaining.

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